NYC Based Enterprise Startup Neverware Converts Old PC’s Into Blazing Machines

New York City based startup, Neverware, is creating something that can take old legacy PC’s in the enterprise, and turn them into fast processing machines running Windows 7.

Taking the traditional PC out of the equation was an emerging thing in enterprise IT back when I was leaving the area (ecstatically) a few years back. You’d have to get a box, that would connect to the cloud, which would provide you with a desktop, and an entire computer system, running on a server somewhere else.

Neverware eliminates the process of replacing each PC with a terminal that connects to the cloud, and actually converts the legacy PC to a dummy terminal, eliminating the need for a costly spend on 300 new terminals, in a 300 user environment.

That means, that rather than doing the typical upgrade process of getting all new computers every 3-6 years, you could keep the machines you have, as long as they’re powerful enough to run Windows XP, and still operate at fast speeds with Windows 7 operating systems.

The company’s website explains thoroughly how the process works, and has a succinct but detailed FAQ section.

The management team is made up of 2 people:

Jonathan Lefter, Founder and CEO. From the Neverware site: Jonathan founded Neverware after graduating from college and spending a year developing its revolutionary product: the Juicebox. A year later, Jonathan had built Neverware from a dream of a more efficient IT infrastructure into a funded company backed by a world-class engineering team. Jonathan has been covered by a wide-range of publications, including Business Insider naming him one of “20 Hot Young Stars in NY Tech” and Inc Magazine. Jonathan graduated from the Wharton School with a Bachelors of Economics.

Lukman Ramsey, CTO From the Neverware site: Lukman is a 20-year IT veteran who has held a wide variety of senior engineering and technical management positions. Prior to Neverware he was co-founder and CTO of Myne, a social gaming website, and Talk2Us, an automated professional assistant service controlled via speech recognition. Prior to Talk2Us he was Technical Manager of Speech Engineering at Viecore Inc, a professional services firm in the Speech Recognition / Call Center IVR space where he invented and architected the Viecore Framework, a platform used to build six out of ten of the largest VoiceXML speech recognition applications in deployment. After acquisition of Viecore by Nuance, the Framework displaced the existing technology at Nuance and became the platform used to build 80% of new IVR systems in the world. Lukman has also held senior engineering positions at General Magic, Indicast, and Radius. He has a BS in Cognitive Science from MIT, and a MS/CPhil in Computer Science from UC San Diego.

Neverware took capital from a couple of different sources, to include Mark Suster, 2X entrepreneur turned Silicon Valley venture capitalist.

You can find Neverware on Twitter at @neverware, on the company’s website at

Perfect Use Case Example: I’ve included, for laughs, a picture of me in my IT days. See how much fun I was having? I would have given my left arm for a solution like Neverware’s, back then.


About the author

Ryan Ballow is a combat vet turned entrepreneur, Founder of iMobileRescue Inc, Surrogate Labs, and Cortex the Nootropic.

  • Jason@MechaDigital

    This is a great idea! They have a very compelling value proposition which they can sell to prospects. I know from my corporate experience that hardware budget is no longer what it once was, and employees are being forced to make do with older and older machines.

  • Ryan Critchett

    Isn’t it? These guys got it. They’re still in a beta mode of sorts, but man, this technology is killer. – Ahhhh, so you know the crazy mess that is corporate IT! We’re all recovering Jason, we’re all recovering!!! Thanks for coming my man. :) We’ll do coffee soon. Getting stuff together.