An Augmented Reality Contact Lens? LCD Contact Lens Technology Is Here

The Centre of Microsystems Technology (CMST), Imec’s associated laboratory at Ghent University (Belgium), announced recently that it has developed an innovative spherical curved LCD display, which can be embedded in contact lenses. The first step toward fully pixelated contact lens displays, this achievement has potential wide-spread applications in medical and cosmetic domains.

Now, there are some LED based contact lenses out there, but they’re limited to only a few small pixels. The difference with this LCD based technology is that it permits the use of the entire display surface. That translates to a way more augmented look into what the LCD is displaying, rather than just a few pixels.

This could be helpful in a number of different scenarios, ranging from controlling inbound light into the eye for people with a damaged iris, which controls the diameter and size of the eye’s pupils, and are also the basis for color in people’s eyes.

This technology could also serve to create a sunglass effect, where the eyes are shaded from the sun just the same as if you were wearing sunglasses. That’s pretty incredible.

On the cosmetic side, the researchers believe it can be used to superimpose an image into the users display, (allow you to see an image solely from the LCD lens), as well as creating “tunable color,” which we believe actually means that you can either tune from the inside, the colors of the things you’re looking at, or somehow tune the actual color of your eye to a different color.

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